Hi.  My name's Dave Pegg and together with my family and some good friends we're starting a new church in Bournemouth in a local restaurant.  We want to make it as easy as possible for people to invite friends to try church and get to know Jesus.

Very (and I mean VERY) simply, what we're planning to do as a church can be summed up in 4 words: GATHER, EAT, SCATTER, REPEAT!


We plan to gather all ages and all sorts of people together for a one-hour meeting on Sunday mornings (monthly to start with) to get to know Jesus more.  This will include Bible teaching, songs, prayer, stories, conversations, craft and anything else we think might be helpful.  It should be fun!


Straight after the meeting we'll have lunch together and we're encouraging Christians to invite and bring friends and offer to buy their lunch too.  Everyone is welcome!


Gathering as a church is important but what we do when we scatter during the week is just as important.  We want to help Christians learn how to live for Jesus and tell others about him.  And we want to encourage everyone to do all the bright ideas God gives them to do at home, in their work and with anyone they meet! 


Each week, we'll do it all over again but learning new things all the time and with more friends bringing their friends to come and check out what we're doing to help everyone know Jesus.

The story so far...

  • Summer 2018: We communicated lots with various local church leaders and other interested people and received lots of encouragement and helpful questions and advice.
  • Autumn 2018: We started gathering a small group of people passionate about the idea to help us get ready to try some monthly Bright Idea Sundays with friends. 
  • Spring 2019: More monthly Bright Idea Sundays and prayer and planning as a team towards launching Bright Idea Church weekly.
Obviously plans may well need to change along the way as things unfold but we believe this is what God is leading us to do and that we'll learn lots by stepping out in faith and having a go!

I hope you're interested in what we're doing and have lots of questions about it!  If so, you can contact me by email here.

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