In the beginning GOD (Genesis 1-3)

In the beginning GOD...

1. ...made everything (Gen 1:1)
2. ...made everything good (Gen 1:31)
3. ...made people like him (Gen 1:27)
4. ...had his heart broken (Gen 3:6)
5. ...promised to save people through Jesus (Gen 3:15)


1. Do you believe in God?  Why/why not?
- How did our universe begin out of absolutely nothing if it wasn't God?

2. What questions do you have after reading Genesis 1-3?
- What's clear/unclear?
- What's important/unimportant?
- Does taking it seriously mean we should take it all literally?

3. How does Genesis 3:15 point us to Jesus and what is your own response to the death of Jesus?
- Do you trust and follow Jesus?
- What questions do you still have?

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