We're tackling one of the most amazing parts of the New Testament in the Bible... The letter Paul wrote to the church in Rome.  It's called the book of 'Romans' in our Bibles.  Here's a plan of where we're going in the run up to Christmas and we'll finish going through it in the new year.  There will be a blog to read every week and we'll gather at The Stable on the dates in bold.  We hope you'll want to journey with us and get to know what's so good about the good news of Jesus!  Who could you invite?  Who could you bring?

Side note: Don't be thrown by some of the titles below (about foreskins etc)!  The ones in bold where we gather at The Stable will be absolutely child friendly and totally suitable for all ages but the weekly blogs will be more grown up and will cover some things in greater depth.

24th Nov - God's law and our sinful nature (Romans 7:7-25)
1st Dec - 2 ways to live (Romans 8:1-17)
8th Dec - In the end (Romans 8:18-30)
15th Dec - As bad as it gets (Romans 8:31-39)
22nd Dec - God's choice and ours (Romans 9)
29th Dec - Close but so far away (Romans 10)


MAY - JUL 2019
We looked at some chunky truths in Christianity that have some exciting big words well worth understanding... and doing!

28th Apr - TRUTH
5th May - 3 BIG words: JUSTIFICATION


JAN - APR 2019
We went through Mark's gospel, meeting people who met Jesus...

6th Jan - A man who couldn't walk (Mark 2:1-12)

13th Jan - John the baptiser (Mark 1:1-13)
20th Jan - Matthew the traitor (Mark 2:13-17)
27th Jan - A man with a diseased hand (Mark 3:1-6)
3rd Feb - A boy and his lunch (Mark 6:30-44)
10th Feb - A sick woman and a dead girl (Mark 5:21-43)
17th Feb - A man with demons (Mark 5:1-20)
24th Feb - A Greek woman (Mark 7:24-30)
3rd Mar - A rich man (Mark 10:17-31)
10th Mar - Peter, James and John (Mark 9:1-13)
17th Mar - A deaf man (Mark 7:31-37)
24th Mar - Bartimaeus (Mark 10:46-52)
31st Mar - Children (Mark 10:13-16) 
7th Apr - A woman who worshipped (Mark 14:1-11)
14th Apr - A religious teacher (Mark 12:28-34)
21st Apr - Pilate the coward (Mark 15:1-15)

OCT - DEC 2018
As Bright Idea Church began we explored how the Bible begins...

7th Oct - 1. In the beginning GOD (Gen 1-3)
4th Nov - 2. A new beginning (Gen 6-9)
2nd Dec - 3. God's family begins (Gen 12-15)