SPRING 2022: 3 mini-series...

Here's the plan for the weekly blogs, which will be links to the brilliant videos by The Bible Project.  Sundays in bold we'll meet in The Stable 11am.  All ages, all sorts very welcome!

Series: The Character of God...

Sun 2nd Jan - Compassion

Sun 9th Jan - Grace

Sun 16th Jan - Slow to anger

Sun 23rd Jan - Loyal love

Sun 30th Jan - Faithful

Series: Creation...

Sun 6th Feb - Genesis 1

Sun 13th Feb - Psalm 8

Sun 20th Feb - Proverbs 8

Sun 27th Feb - Psalm 148

Sun 6th Mar - John 1

Series: The Royal Priest...

Sun 13th Mar - Royal Priests of Eden

Sun 20th Mar - Abraham and Melchizadek

Sun 27th Mar - Moses and Aaron

Sun 3rd Apr - David the Priestly King

Sun 10th Apr - Jesus the Royal Priest

Sun 17th Apr - The Royal Priesthood






Sun 5th Sep - God (Air Festival after lunch!)

Sun 12th Sep - The Test

Sun 19th Sep - Tree of Life

Sun 26th Sep - Generosity

Sun 3rd Oct - Holy Spirit

Sun 10th Oct - Temple

Sun 17th Oct - The Law

Sun 24th Oct - The Way of the Exile

Sun 31st Oct - The Exile

Sun 7th Nov - Messiah

Sun 14th Nov - Holiness

Sun 21st Nov - Covenants

Sun 28th Nov - Sacrifice and Atonement

Sun 5th Dec - Heaven and Earth

Sun 12th Dec - Justice

Sun 19th Dec - Gospel of the Kingdom





We're doing the Alpha film series.  It's a series of brilliant videos to help everyone explore the big questions of life and find out about Jesus and doing life with God.  Each video is about 20 minutes, aimed at adults but suitable for 8s and up I'd say.  We will also send out a 2 minute video each week (if you're in our whatsapp group) about a big question and something the Bible says.  We hope all ages can enjoy these together!  

Sun 9th May - Is there more to life than this?

Sun 16th May - Who is Jesus?

Sun 23rd May - Why did Jesus die?

Sun 30th May - How can I have faith?

Sun 6th Jun - Why and how do I pray?

Sun 13th Jun - Why and how should I read the Bible?

Sun 20th Jun - How does God guide us?

Sun 27th Jun - 3 videos this weekend:

     Who is the Holy Spirit?

     What does the Holy Spirit do?

     How can I be filled with the Holy Spirit? 

Sun 4th Jul - How can I resist evil?

Sun 11th Jul - How can I make the most of the rest of my life?

Sun 18th Jul - Does God heal today?

Sun 25th Jul - Why and how should I tell others?

Sun 1st Aug - What about the church? 



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