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We're excited about our 'Ask God anything' series where we're looking in the Bible to see what God has to say there about our biggest questions and hopefully getting to know Jesus better as we do!  
We'll tackle some of the questions you've asked on the weekly Sunday blogs (which will appear below) and some when we gather on the first Sundays of each month for all ages and all sorts (COVID rules depending)!  I hope it helps you and your family and friends wherever you are on your spiritual journey.  You're very welcome!
Sun 29th Nov - Why does God let there be illness when he could just destroy it? 
Sun 6th Dec - Why are there different churches when we should all believe the same thing? 
Sun 13th Dec - How can I grow in my relationship with God when life is so crazy busy? 
Sun 20th Dec - Why do people think heaven is in the sky? 
Sun 27th Dec - What will hell be like? 
Sun 3rd Jan - How do we know Christianity is right when there are other religions who think they're right too? 
Sun 10th Jan - Do lots of people know about Christianity even if they don't believe it? 
Sun 17th Jan - How can I be braver so I can tell more people about Jesus? 
Sun 24th Jan - What's the difference between Jews and Christians? Will Jews go to heaven? 
Sun 31st Jan - How do we really know the Bible is God's words and not just people's imaginations?

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