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MAR - AUG 2020...

MAR - AUG 2020
We're excited about diving into the Bible's songbook - the book of PSALMS.  There's 150 of them so we won't do them all but we've selected 23 that mean a lot to us to see what we can learn about being honest to God in every season of the soul... and we'll get to know Jesus more as we do that ourselves!

The dates in bold are Sundays where we'll gather 11.30am upstairs at The Stable pizza restaurant, Westover Road, Bournemouth.  Join us and bring friends who need to know Jesus! :)

Mar 1st - Psalm 1: Blessed one
Mar 8th - Psalm 23: Good Shepherd
Mar 15th - Psalm 2: Godless rulers
Mar 22nd - Psalm 3: Many enemies
Mar 29th - Psalm 8: Great creation

Apr 5th - Psalm 51: Sorry heart
Apr 12th - Psalm 22: Incredible prophecies
Apr 19th - Psalm 40: Redeemed life
Apr 26th - Psalm 42: Longing soul

May 3rd - Psalm 90: Numbered days
May 10th - Psalm 46: Troubled times
May 17th - Psalm 59: Strong fortress
May 24th - Psalm 63: Earnestly seeking
May 31st - Psalm 84: Lovely home

Jun 7th - Psalm 103: Forgetful soul
Jun 14th - Psalm 88: Desperately low
Jun 21st - Psalm 91: Loving protection
Jun 28th - Psalm 100: Joyful songs

Jul 5th - Psalm 139: Unmeasurable thoughts
Jul 12th - Psalm 118: Enduring love
Jul 19th - Psalm 119: Divine words
Jul 26th - Psalm 121: Real help

Aug 2nd - Psalm 150: Loud praise!

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