It'll be for all ages and all sorts altogether every time on the Sundays and we'll have a lot of fun discovering as much truth as we possibly can. It might sometimes feel like we're just scratching the surface when we gather but there will be opportunity go deeper as we chat over lunch and as we scatter to live it out or explore further during the week.  

As the Sundays go by, you'll be able to click on the titles below and they'll take you to a page with: 
  • A short video sum up of what we covered
  • A few questions for further discussion or study 
  • Other helpful links

OCT - DEC 2018
As Bright Idea Church begins we're exploring how the Bible begins...

7th Oct - 1. In the beginning GOD (Gen 1-3)
Not everyone believes in God!  And even Christians have different ideas about what the creation story really means.  But there are 5 things that the beginning of the Bible makes very clear and these are very important to consider and respond to, even today!

4th Nov - 2. A new beginning (Gen 6-9)
The Noah story is another one that most people don't take seriously.  But sometimes taking the Bible seriously doesn't mean taking it literally.  What does the flood story teach us today about the problem of human suffering, God's heavy judgment and his loving mercy? 

2nd Dec - 3. God's family begins (Gen 12-15)
God's promises to Abraham yonks ago are amazing but what do they mean today?  And why does God ask him to cut up lots of animals and arrange them in a line on the ground?  Not very Christmassy!  Or is it?