A new beginning (Genesis 6-9)

A new beginning

1. How bad were the people? 
They were "only evil all the time" (Gen 6:5).

2. How good was Noah?
He was a good man compared to the rest (Gen 6:9)...
 ...but still needed grace from God for his own sin (Gen 6:8).

3. How does the flood point us to Jesus?
Jesus claimed to be God and the one who will ultimately judge sinful people like the flood did (John 5:16-27).

4. How does the ark point us to Jesus?
The ark points us forward to the Rescuer God had promised (Gen 3:15) - the one who is himself God and would rescue us from God's judgment by taking it upon himself (Isa 53:4-6).

The story of Noah shows us that:
- Sin is serious
- Life is a gift we don't deserve
- Living outside of God's love is fatal
- We need the rescue Jesus offers


1. Take some time to read through the Noah story in Genesis 6-9.  What do you make of it?  What questions do you have?

2. How seriously do you take your own sin?  What do you think you deserve from God if he is a morally perfect judge?

3. How grateful are you for the gift of this life AND the offer of forgiveness and rescue through Jesus?

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