God's family begins (Genesis 12-15)

God's family begins

The Bible's story zooms in to one man and his family.  God promises Abraham:
- A big family
- That would become a nation
- Have a land of their own to live in
- A be blessed by God to be a blessing the THE WHOLE WORLD!

Abraham believes God but wants to be sure and so God makes a COVENANT agreement with him.  It involves several dead animals and doesn't sound very Christmassy... but it IS!  God makes Abraham sleep and rather than sealing the deal with Abraham, he seals it with himself!  It's a sign that God himself would have to come and uphold people's end of the deal and live the life we have all failed to live.  It's about Jesus being born.  IMMANUEL: God with us.  JESUS: The Lord saves.  God's promises to Abraham went global just as he said.  WE get to be in God's family through Jesus if we trust and follow him!


1. What do you make of Genesis 15?
- What questions do you still have?
- How does it point to Jesus?

2. How do we get to be in God's family?
- Is it earned or gifted?

3. What will your Christmas be all about?

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