I MET JESUS: Bartimaeus (Mark 10:46-52)

In this passage we have a man who can see quite a lot about Jesus, even though he's blind...

Mark 10:46-52

Bart sees that Jesus of Nazareth is also the 'Son of David' (v47).  This title is significant and unique.  It's the idea from ancient prophecies in the Old Testament (like Jeremiah 33:15-16 and many others) that the Messiah (God's chosen rescuer) would come from the line of King David.  So when Bart calls Jesus the Son of David, he sees that Jesus is the Messiah - the one the world has been waiting for.  God in human flesh.  Saviour of the world.  Bart is one blind man who sees quite a lot.

Bart sees that Jesus is his only hope.  No-one can stop him calling out.  His faith is strong enough to overcome objections (v48).

Bart sees that Jesus is worth taking risks for.  He has the courage to jump up, leave his cloak and make his way to Jesus without assistance (v50).

Bart sees that Jesus is able to meet his need.  Jesus' question in verse 51 seems obvious but he's giving Bart the opportunity and dignity of saying what it is he wants and Bart is able to ask with confidence and hope.

This is all before Bart receives his sight.  He has faith enough to see that Jesus is God's chosen rescuer, our only hope, worth taking risks for and able to meet our need.  When Bart receives his sight, it's not surprising that his next move is to follow Jesus down the road (v52).  This is his new life and it can be ours too if we can see things as clearly as he could.

Why not pray and ask God to open the eyes of your heart so you can see clearly who Jesus is and how much you need him?