I MET JESUS - A woman who worshipped (Mark 14:1-11)

What would you DO if you met Jesus?

Steven Fry was asked a similar question about what he'd do if it turned out God was real and he met him.  Steven spewed out an angry rebuke aimed at God for allowing all the suffering in this world.  Interestingly, a friend of mine this week, who also believes there is no God, when asked the same question said that rather than tell God off, he imagines he'd struggle to know quite what to say, if anything at all.  I like this response better.

Actually coming face-to-face with God is a much bigger deal than most people stop to think about.

In this next episode of Mark's gospel we meet a woman who meets Jesus and what she does is WORSHIP...

Read Mark 14:1-11

This woman's worship is extravagant and expensive!  She's bringing her best to Jesus because she know's he's worth everything she can offer.  Jesus clearly affirms her actions, saying she's doing "a beautiful thing" and tells his disciples off for saying it's a waste of money.  It's yet another claim to be God by Jesus because he's saying he's worth this kind of worship.

Is God worth your worship?  Think about it more than Steven Fry has!  Do you bring him your best when you sing/pray/love others/whatever you do with each day?  If Jesus is God, he's worth it all - way more than whatever else you might be tempted to put first, especially yourself!

This woman's worship is also meaningful and significant!  Jesus says her worship is somehow preparing him for his death and is a sign that it is coming soon, which it is if you read on in Mark.  Her worship highlights Jesus to others and points people to his death on the cross that would mean people everywhere can have forgiveness and friendship with God that lasts forever.

If you worship Jesus, does your worship happen behind closed doors only, or can others see that you're singling Jesus out as God and as the one who died for our sin?

And if you don't worship Jesus, what do you make of his claims to be God throughout this series in Mark?  Why not go back and read the whole of Mark's gospel to meet him there?  It's the earliest and shortest of the four gospels and a great introduction to Jesus.  You could start here.

See you soon! :)