Marty Breeze!

We had an amazing morning with Marty Breeze today.  It was one of those times where God brought everything and everyone together beautifully for what he had planned to do.  He made sure just the right people were able and keen to come along.  Marty shared the good news about Jesus so clearly and powerfully in his songs and in what he shared... 

And one of our friends gave his life to Jesus. :)

If you know Jesus too, you'll know it doesn't get better than that!

If you're not convinced about Jesus and this all sounds a bit odd, do grab us and ask us all your questions and maybe come along to the next one on 6th July with the Footprints Dancers.

For us it's all about introducing people to God through Jesus so they can be forgiven and know him personally.  And when we see this happen, nothing gives us greater joy.

See you soon!