Baptism and Footprints Dancers

This has been an AMAZING weekend!

Faye and the children from Footprints Dancers joined us on Saturday afternoon for some dancing in Bournemouth Square, which was a beautiful thing and LOTS of fun!!  We also had a small team of us (Andy Mason from School of Mission and Rachel Dismorr from St Mary's Longfleet) chatting with various people about 3 big questions...

1. What would you say your life is all about?
2. What would you say Jesus' life was all about?
3. If it was possible to know God personally, would you be interested and why or why not?

We had some FASCINATING  chats with a few people and it felt like we made a few friends who we might well see again.

On the Saturday night I was overwhelmed by a sense of God's amazing plans but also his aching heart for people to know his love and forgiveness through Jesus.  I often cry a little when God gets hold of me, but on Saturday night he reduced me to a blubbering wreck!  I'm really loving the adventure he's got us on and grateful to have just a little bit more of his heart for people who desperately need to know him and be part of it too!

One of the friends we made on the Saturday came back on the Sunday morning to join us at The Stable as we gathered, which was great!  We learned more about Footprints Dancers and had a go at dancing together as part of our worship.

We also dunked biscuits in our hot chocolates and learned about believer's baptism (where Christians get dunked in water). Click here to find out more. 

And hopefully one day soon we will do a hot tub baptism BBQ at our house and you can come along!! :)