Getting ready for Romans - Part 1

We have quite a break before the next one on 1st September but I know that God will be at work with each of us between now and then, inviting us to keep journeying with him, getting to know Jesus more.

Me and the family get to have a month holiday in Canada, which is amazing for us as we don't normally have the money for that kind of thing.  We're so grateful that we get to do an 'aeroplane holiday' this year and visit my Dad and his wife where they live.

At Bright Idea so far, we've looked at Genesis, whizzed through Mark's gospel and in September, I'm really excited that we'll be picking up the book of Romans in the Bible and going through it bit-by-bit.

The first reason for choosing Romans is that it's a brilliant and in-depth look at the gospel (good news) of Jesus that people need to hear!!  It teaches us SO MUCH about what the good news is and how it works.  God's love, people's sin, Jesus' death and the choice we all have.  It's all there.  And there's plenty of tricky parts to the letter too.  We'll try not to duck those because we need to hear and understand it all!  As ever, we'll make it accessible to all ages and all sorts of people when we do our monthly meetings.  And the weekly blogs will go deeper for those who want to dig into it more.

The second reason for choosing Romans is that I've already spent some time going through it on my other blog and so I feel fairly prepared.  It also means you can have a look ahead of time at some of the stuff we'll be getting into if you like.  It's all here.

For now, if you want to see what's coming, this brilliant video by The Bible Project will give you an introduction and overview of what's in the first half of Paul's letter to the Romans. 

Let's ask God to help us and our friends really know God through Jesus.

See you soon!