Getting ready for Romans - Part 2

At the next gathering on Sunday 1st September we'll be picking up the book of Romans in the Bible and going through it.  It's a fantastic thorough explanation and application of the good news of Jesus and what he did for us on the cross.  We'll learn loads!! 

The Bible Project have some amazing videos summarising books of the Bible and in last week's blog, I included their one on Romans Part 1 of 2.  So this week, here's Romans Part 2 of 2, to help finish of this brief but brilliant introduction and overview of what Paul wrote in his letter to the church in Rome (which we believe is also God's very words for us today!)...

We're off to Canada for a month this week for an amazing holiday with family out there.  We're very thankful to God for the opportunity to get away together.  We'll still be thinking of and praying for people connected with Bright Idea whilst we're away.  And I'm planning to continue the weekly blog on Sundays, but there may be less writing from me and more videos instead.  I hope it helps you on your spiritual journey and look forward to connecting in person again when we get back!

We love you.  See you soon!  :)