All about Jesus! (Romans 1:1-5)

What's so good about the good news of Jesus?  You might well ask!  If you're a Christian (trusting and following Jesus) then you already know it's good news but I would suggest the more you learn from Jesus, the better it gets!  And if you're not a Christian, you might still be wondering what all the fuss is about.

That's why we're going through the book of Romans in the Bible! 

The Bible is 66 books and Romans is one of them.  It's in the New Testament part of the Bible, which is the second part (the Old Testament is the first part) and it's about 3 quarters of the way through the whole Bible.  You can look it up in the index or use Bible Gateway to find it!  The book of Romans is actually a letter that a man named Paul wrote to one of the first Christian churches in Rome.  It's 16 chapters long and dense with deep theological explanations and teaching about the good news of Jesus.

That's why we're breaking it down into smaller chunks!

Here's the first chunk of chapter 1.  It's Paul saying who he is and what he's all about...

Even Paul's introduction of himself is itself a challenge to any Christian.  He's ALL about Jesus and his identity, value and purpose is in Jesus.  If we're trusting and following Jesus, how do we introduce or identify ourselves?  And how do we think about our work?  For Paul, it's ALL for Jesus...

Stop and read Romans 1:1-4

The way Paul serves Jesus is as an apostle, which means he's someone whose gift is to make disciples and plant churches in places where there are none.  Jesus told Paul to do this job and Paul is doing as he's told because he lives to serve Jesus.

Paul then mentions three things about Jesus...

First, he reminds the Christians in Rome that Jesus came to fulfill ancient prophecy.  Throughout the Old Testament there are hundreds of prophecies predicting the arrival of the 'messiah' - God's chosen rescuer.  Jesus fulfills them all because they were all about him!  God knows and plans the future, told the prophets in advance and kept his promises to come and rescue his people!

Second, Paul says that Jesus was a real human man from the family line of David, just as the prophets promised.  Jesus was fully human.  He cried, got tired, got hungry and thirsty and felt pain like anyone else would.  Being genuinely human means that Jesus could live a life like we do but without sin and properly represent human beings when he died in our place for our sin on the cross.

Third, Paul explains that Jesus was not just a man but was the 'God-man'.  Jesus wasn't a man who became God but God who became a man.  Jesus is 'Immanuel', which means 'God with us.'  And Paul is saying that the resurrection of Jesus from the dead proves that this is true.  How else would it happen?  Unless Jesus was fully God, he would not have lived a sinless life and his death on the cross would not have been anything special, let alone payment for the sin of the whole human race.

Paul starts as he means to go on.  He's all about Jesus and he wants to teach us more about this man who is God - Jesus Christ 'our Lord'.

Questions?  Let's keep chatting!  And join us this Sunday and week-by-week online! :)