Psalm 121: Real help

I recently made a short video of me explaining this psalm a bit and thought it would be good also to share it for this week's blog too as we're on the same one.  I hope it helps you on your spiritual journey :)  Oh, and it ends with a bit of a treat from me.  I hope you enjoy it!

By the way, the thing I was making this video for is actually a camp for families called Bliss Camp in Devon.  Unfortunately it had to be canceled this year but in Summer 2021 we'll be going along as a family and we'd love to invite you to come with us if you can!  It all happens in a sunny field at the top of a hill in gorgeous surroundings near a little village called Strete in Devon.  Loads of fun for all ages and lots of opportunity to draw close to God and relax with one another too.  I'm sure you'd love it.  More on that another time.   

Also a bit of good news - The Stable have confirmed that we're definitely able to start gathering there again and we plan to have our next one on the first Sunday in September.  We're hoping to do a new series based on questions that YOU would ask God.  More details on that next week but it might be good to start thinking about questions you would ask God that you'd like us to look at between September and Christmas.  I hope it will be a helpful for you and for anyone you want to bring along.

For now, here's our teaching for this week on Psalm 121 about Real Help...