Ask God Anything - We need your questions!

Hi guys.  So, in September we're planning to start a new teaching series called 'Ask God Anything' featuring questions YOU would ask God if you could.  The good news is YOU CAN!  We believe God speaks through the Bible and that it has answers to our biggest questions.  We're looking forward to unpacking some of the Bible's wisdom to see what how God wants to respond to the things we want to ask him together.

So what would YOU ask God if you could?

We'd love you to think of a question or maybe a few that you would love us to look at.  Please send them in to us ( or if you have my number just message me.  And then we'll build the series around your biggest questions when we start meeting again in September.  And the weekly blogs will continue then as well so there will be lots of opportunity to go deep in the weeks in between.

Oh - and if you have kids - remember to ask them too!   What would they love to ask God?  It would be great to use questions they've asked on the ones where we gether on first Sundays of each month!

This video might help you think of questions you want to ask...   

Thanks so much for journeying with us.  Our prayer continues to be that each of us would know God's forgiveness and love through Jesus and every day be on the adventure of a life lived in relationship with him and doing all the bright ideas he gives us to do!

See you soon!