Your big questions!

Today we met at the Stable again after a long time of not being able to and it was so great to be able to explore and learn together.  We also now love Jelly Baby Bingo!

Thank you SO MUCH for all the amazing questions that have been sent in.  It's not too late to send in more but here's what we have so far, exactly as they came in...

Why did God create us?  Was he lonely?  Was he bored?

How can I grow in my relationship with God when life is so crazy busy?

When did God get invented?  Did he invent himself?  How did the Inventor invent himself if he wasn't invented?

Is God a boy or a girl?

Why does God allow suffering?

The world seems to be full of division at the moment.  How will God bring us back together?

Does God wear white clothes?

Will God be able to stop us from destroying our planet?

Why did God make the world and us?

Why do we only have one day a week for celebrating God?

Why did God make plants?

Do lots of people know about Christianity even if they don't believe it?

How can I be braver so I can tell more people about Jesus?

Why do people think heaven is in the sky?

Why are there different churches when we should all believe the same thing?

How did an angel turn bad?

What's the difference between Jews and Christians?  Will Jews go to heaven?

Will people who lived before Jesus (BC) only be able to go to hell?

Where do babies go when they die?

Where do animals go when they die?

What will hell be like?

How do we really know the Bible is God's words and not just people's imaginations?

How do we know Christianity is right when there are other religions who think they're right too?

Why does God let there be illness when he could just destroy it?


Thanks for all of these.  If you want to submit more, please do and we'll add them in!  The plan now is to tackle some of them in the Sunday blogs week-by-week and some of the bigger ones we'll do when we gather at The Stable on the first Sunday of each month over the next few months.  We might take a few swings at some of them in the blogs if they're big ones and we might bunch a few that are similar together.  Whatever seems most helpful.

And remember what we learned today?  2 things...

Firstly, the Bible claims to be "GOD-BREATHED and USEFUL" (2 Timothy 3:16).  This means we'll be looking at what God says in the Bible about our questions to see what he says there.  If it's really his words, it should be useful (and WAY more useful than my words or anyone elses)!

And secondly, Jesus said the Bible is all about HIM (John 5:39).  This means that as we look at the Bible to find answers to our questions, we will also hopefully be getting to know Jesus better. 

So I'm excited about this new series and the journey we're on together.  It's should be fun and (I pray) life changing for all of us too!

And we recommended a couple of brilliant books for this series...

Everything a child should know about God is a brilliant book if you have young kids and you want to try and help them learn about what the Bible says.  It has a contents page with loads of things kids might have questions about so you can find answers quickly.  Each page has a beautiful picture and a couple of short sentences about a topic in the Bible and give your a question to chat about as a family.  You could do a page in 2 minutes easy-peasy or take longer if you like.  Stick it on your breakfast table and do a page a day as a family and get through the whole thing!  That's what worked for us.  We love this book so much we've bought copies for all the families we're connecting with through Bright Idea.  So if that's you, don't buy one.  We'd love to give you a copy!

Bible Doctrine - Essential teachings of the Christian faith by Wayne Grudem is what's called a 'systematic theology' book.  It's basically a grown-up version of the book mentioned above.  Wayne take a whole bunch of questions and fires them at the Bible.  He brings together everything the Bible says about a topic under various headings like God, Man, Jesus, Redemption, Church, etc, etc.  It's scholarly but pretty accessible if you're hungry!  If you have questions about what the Bible says, you'll probably find it helpful to dip into this book to give your a steer and to help you understand what the Bible says, even if you don't always agree with Wayne's own conclusions (he's a super helpful guide but wouldn't claim to have a perfect understanding about everything the Bible says). 

So look out for the blogs each week and the next GATHER on Sunday 4th October.  It'll be Bright Idea's 2nd Birthday celebration too - so there's bound to be cake! :)