Latest news

We're changing the way we gather for the next few months.  This is partly to help everyone save money and partly to make the most of the sunny weather that we'll hopefully be enjoying!


So for May, June and July this year we won't be meeting in the pizza restaurant.  Instead we'll be doing something at our place (if you know us you'll know where that is).  We have a pizza oven so if it's nice weather we'll be able to do DIY pizzas (YUM!) and we'll still be able to get together for those who would like to.


The weekly videos on our Whatsapp group might stop for a bit but we'll still be in touch with you in other ways at other times.  Bright Idea Church has never been primarily about programmes and planned events but more about helping us pay attention to our friends and discovering Jesus together.  So that won't be stopping. :)

See you soon!